• Effenco

From Montreal to Paris

Containment also has its advantages. Meet Charly, technical sales specialist at Effenco who tells us about his experience in France.

What is your mission at Effenco? I consider myself to be a facilitator in the sales process. My expertise as a specialist at Effenco allows me to bring a technical perspective and ensure the feasibility of the mandate in the first stage of the project. My role also consists in advising the client and directing them towards our best technological solutions, in order to effectively meet their vehicle performance objectives.

How do you cope during this period of confinement? I was already in France for a mission of several months when the pandemic started accelerating. I was forced to stay there, but having French origins helped me, compared to my colleagues, especially to comply with the strictest confinement rules adopted by the country. I miss my active life in Montreal, but I appreciate living close to nature and the calm that comes with it.

How do you manage working from home? I must admit that this is quite an adaptation. As a designer, I need special equipment and working at Effenco’s offices gives me access to a high-performance computer and a comfortable working environment. My involvement in conception is also currently reduced in order to prioritize my work around preliminary development and integration studies to support Effenco’s upcoming business initiatives. This situation allows me to take the time to work on it properly.

Can you tell us about the advantages of being in France? Being in the same time zone as our customers is a big advantage. It allows me to receive information in real time and respond to it instantly. As an example, one of our major customers, who has been operating nearly 80 vehicles equipped with Effenco Technology since the beginning of the year, recently needed an urgent repair on one of his vehicles. He also had questions about our facilities. I was able to contact him early in the day and set up the intervention of our partner DMT2S, located not far from our client. The presence of Effenco reassures our customers in Europe and allows us to assert our position as an innovative and responsive company in any situation.

Let's talk about well-being at this time of COVID-19. Have you taken any action that gives you the feeling of bringing comfort to your community? My mother, who is an artisan-seamstress, while unable to work for the moment, is producing masks. Although I would have liked to encourage her in this new path by helping her cut fabric, this task was assigned to my father. It seems I don't have all the talents! None of us is currently at work, but we are all busy.