100% Electric

Electrification For the Same Price as Diesel

Effenco has developed a technology that enables the full electrification of heavy-duty vocational trucks while eclipsing the competition in terms of purchasing cost and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions, without impacting your daily operations.

Expected delivery: 2023

La solution énergétique Effenco

Unprecedented Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to our expertise with ultracapacitors, combined with our artificial intelligence algorithms, we can equip an existing or new truck with a fully electric system for the same up-front cost as a diesel equivalent.

Technology for the Benefit of the Environment

  • High power wireless charging stations positioned using our algorithms.
  • Optimize the energy on board without sacrificing the vocation and performance of your vehicle.
  • Our technologies combined with enough wireless charging stations on your trucks’ route allows a reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions until full electrification.

Adaptable and Modular

Our system is perfectly suited for a wide rage of heavy-duty vocational vehicles.

Let’s Work Together to Electrify your Fleet