A Unique Approach to Electrification

Data at the Centre
of Our Approach

At the centre of our development activities is our real-time vehicle operations database. This allows us to provide reliable performance for a variety of applications and equipment.

To date, we have collected over 800,000 hours of data. By combining this information with our artificial intelligence algorithms, we are able to predict the route used by vehicles to optimize their energy efficiency.

“As counter intuitive as it may seem, the best way to achieve heavy-duty truck electrification is by reducing the amount of energy on-board. This is only possible by predicting where the truck is heading.”
David Arsenault, President and co-founder of Effenco


Ultracapacitors store energy and electrify the vehicle. Unlike lithium batteries, they are better suited for heavy-duty applications since they are recognized for their robustness, long service life and resistance to temperature fluctuations.

  • Service life of 10+ years
  • Acts as a battery
  • Resists temperature variations
  • Enables the electrification of new trucks as well as existing fleets

A Flexible and Adaptable Electrification Process

Our technologies combined with enough wireless charging stations on your trucks’ route allows a reduction in your greenhouse gas emissions until full electrification:

icone progression

charging station

30% savings

30% fuel savings thanks to the “stop-start” function only. An optional range extender provides the rest of the energy needed.

icone progression

A few
charging stations

50% savings

Effenco algorithms used to strategically position charging stations according to your GHG reduction targets. An optional range extender will provide the rest of the energy needed.

icone progression

A sufficient number
of charging stations 

100% savings

A sufficient number of charging stations to achieve full electrification.

Electric Products Adapted to Your Needs and Objectives

We offer a real electrification process for your vehicles. Our solutions can be installed either on new heavy-duty vocational trucks or on existing fleets.

Phase 1: Hybrid Electric

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Phase 2: 100% Electric

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Let’s Work Together to Electrify your Fleet