We are Effenco

Electric hybrid technology

Our system eliminates engine use when immobile for new and existing heavy-duty vehicle. And it’s connected!

How does it work

The Effenco system is efficient when you need it the most.

At worksites

When the vehicle is waiting between work operation

Queuing & In traffic

When the vehicle is immobile in traffic

At drop off & collection

When the vehicle is immobile and using work equipment

Our product

Improves your fleet's efficiency

Electric hybrid starter-generator


Because of the high stopping frequency of vocational trucks, the system is equipped with a powerful electric hybrid starter-vehicle linked to the engine through a drive shaft and a constant mesh PTO connection. The system uses this starter to restart the engine and does not add any load or wear to the existing electric starter and batteries.



Acting as the system’s battery, supercapacitors are used to store the system’s energy and provide power to the electric hybrid starter as well as the vehicle equipment when the engine is off. Recognized for their ruggedness, high cycle life, and resistance to temperature fluctuations, supercapacitors are the best fit for the trucking industry.

Electric PTO


The system can include an electric motor-driven hydraulic pump which allows the body equipment to operate with the engine off. Other equipment, such as an electric A/C compressor, can be added in parallel to the engine-driven equipment. All parallel electric devices added are sized to match performances and cycle time of the original equipment design.

Fuel saving Fewer engine hours Silence at stops


Bankable results at your fingertips

It's simple!

If your engine doesn't run, it doesn't burn fuel nor produce any emissions.

This makes the benefits of Effenco's technology

Easily mesurable, in real time.

About us

Meet Effenco

Our story

Effenco was founded in 2006 by three ambitious engineers committed to bringing energy efficiency to vocational heavy vehicles, the transportation sector’s least efficient segment. Central to the design process was the collection of data from vehicles on which Effenco’s initial hybrid systems were deployed as well as hundreds of other candidate vehicles. Data centric design led the company to develop its flagship Effenco Stop-Start architecture designed to save fuel by maximizing the time a vehicle’s engine is turned off when it is immobile.

Our vision

Effenco develops the world’s most flexible and efficient heavy vehicle hybrid solutions to reduce fleet fuel costs and GHG emissions. We take a progressive and user-centric approach in electrifying the demanding operation of heavy-duty vocational vehicles. At the heart of our development activities is our global database of real world vehicle operations which allows our systems to deliver reliable performance across a range of applications and vehicle OEMs.

Our technology

Effenco’s technology is an electric system designed to shut down the engine of vocational trucks when they are stationary and to provide electric power to the vehicle equipment, cab and chassis accessories including the HVAC system. Since these vehicles spend a large proportion of their operating time immobile, the technology creates value by reducing engine operating hours and corresponding fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance.

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